Welcome to the Kansas Podiatric Medical Association 

The Association was incorporated July 25, 1961 as the Kansas Podiatry Association, Inc.. Incorporators were Robert L. Wright of Wichita, Myron W. Fox of Salina, and L. E. Krause of Great Bend. The Articles of Incorporation state our objects and purposes to be transacted are:

"The objects of this association shall be to unite the Podiatrist of Kansas for mutual assistance, encouragement and improvement; to encourage scientific investigation and research, to secure the enactment and enforcement of just laws bearing upon the profession of Podiatry; to foster and establish educational activities; to elevate the academic and ethical standard of those engaged in the practice of Podiatry; to develop and establish professional standards for those engaged in the practice of public health, material and social affairs, and to unite with similar organizations in other States and Territories of the United States of America to form the American Podiatry Association."

On October 15, 1984 a Certificate of Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation was filed with the Secretary of State "that the Kansas Podiatry Association, Inc. change its name to the Kansas Podiatric Medical Association."
Updated Information for 2018 Convention

2018 Convention:

Updated ** Registration for 2018 Convention ** (Updated September 1, 2018)

Springhill Suites Downtown Lawrence

Thank you for planning the Kansas Podiatric Medical Association group block with us!   We are looking forward to hosting the Kansas Podiatric Medical Association attendees on October 4-6, 2018!


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